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The right tools

From branding and web design to marketing and social media, we can do it.


Whether you need a new brand identity, website or ad campaign, Veri has the services you're looking for. Not sure what you need? No worries. We can help you choose the most effective and affordable tools for growing your business.



Brand development is central to every aspect of marketing, so it lies at the core of everything we do at Veri. Yes, we create amazing logos. But, a brand is more than just a logo, font or color palette — it includes every facet of how a customer experiences your product or service. Veri creates enduring brands that deliver a clear, cohesive message and maintain their strength through consistency across all media, devices and materials: print, web, displays, fleet graphics, billboards, point of purchase, signage, packaging and more.

Marketing / Strategy

Veri provides strategic thinking both on and offline. We look at the current state of your business, envision where it can (and should) be, and formulate the best way to get you there with a comprehensive marketing plan. Strategies may incorporate multi-channel brand integration, digital or traditional advertising media planning and placement, viral campaigns, CRM and loyalty marketing planning, social media, a new or rejuvenated web presence, or whatever is most appropriate and beneficial to helping your business reach its goals. We then put that plan into action, providing you with tangible milestones.

Web Development

We are experts in digital technology, and our greatest strength is our understanding of the user experience. What are the needs, desires and behaviors that drive your customers’ choices? What technologies will provide the best one-on-one media interfaces for them? Is your messaging clear? Is your site usable? Does it work on all platforms and devices? Our digital capabilities run the gamut: website design, development, information architecture, content development, usability testing, intranet/extranet development, social media integration, SEO, PPC, web analytics, performance reporting and whatever lies around the next corner.

Mobile / Responsive

Mobile technology has forever changed the forms of communication and points of interaction between brands and their customers. Today, there are more than a billion smart-phones in use, and Veri knows how to leverage their power for the benefit of your business. Of course, we do mobile-optimized website design and development, but why stop there? How about a unique app, utility or service to keep your customers continuously engaged? How about an AR/VR campaign, SMS/MMS marketing or digital sweepstakes? We can make it happen.

Motion / Video

Motion graphics and video are potent tools for connecting with your customers and taking your brand to the next level. Veri can conceptualize, design and produce motion graphics and video that inform, entertain, persuade or otherwise engage your customers in ways that words and still pictures cannot. Best of all, with today’s video platforms, Veri can give your business access to millions of users worldwide.

3D / VR / AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies allow your customer to experience your brand like never before. Bring your vision to life with cutting-edge 3D technology. Since it's inception, Veri has been leveraging the capabilities of 3D. Just like the web, this new frontier will become a vital part of the customer experience. We can help you make it part of your company's outreach. Let us show you how powerful and engaging this tool can be. Call us to schedule a demonstration.


Veri understands the importance of print and collateral design and the tactile interface they provide. Business cards, stationery suites and brochures are still essential to day-to-day business. Direct mail and brochures reinforce the impact of in person or online experiences. Annual reports convey business value to investors. We understand that consistency across all print and collateral design is critical to the strength of your brand. We deliver nothing less.

Social Media

Today we have access and reach to an almost limitless customer base. Veri can tap into this social resource, and use it to increase the reach of the brands we serve. We have increased sales, site traffic and brand awareness for many of our clients by leveraging the power of social media.

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